Riddle Me This

A man is walking on a black road, wearing all black: A black cloak, hat, mask, shoes, gloves and pants. All the street lights are switched off and there is no moon in the sky. A black car with its headlights switched off approaches at a high speed and slams on the brakes to avoid hitting the man in the street. How did the driver of the black car know of the man in the street?

ANSWER: It’s the middle of the day

The Representatives Aren’t Representing: The Positive is Too Negative

masquerade mask


There’s a show on MTV I watch called Catfish.

“A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.”(Urban Dictionary)

The premise of the show is the hosts of Catfish Nev Schulman and Max Joseph ( I feel Nev is the host and Max is the co-host) travel to different places to speak to those that want to find out who they are really talking to on the other end of the screen (computer or phone screen). After listening to their stories, Nev and Max set out to find the truth and bring that truth to the requester.

This one particular episode I was watching had Girl 1 speaking to Girl 2 via text (they met on a social media site prior) and Girl 1 was falling for Girl 2. Nev and Max usually travel alone, but this time they brought along another person named Selita. After they visited Girl 1 the three of them (Nev, Max and Selita) went to a cafe to do some research on Girl 2 and found, as always, that Girl 2 wasn’t who said claimed to be. Selita said something that stuck with me throughout the show and long after which was, “People bring their representatives the first three months” meaning people will present themselves as one person when you first meet them and are getting to know them and then the true self eventually comes out. Some remain the same and others become Mr. Hyde. Well not that drastic, but you get my point.

I began marinating on this a few days after the show and began thinking back on the people I have known and people I’m in the process of getting to know. I think the three month deal also depends on how much time you spend with the person and where you know the person. Three months could turn into years if you don’t spend that much time with them (co-workers for instance) or three months could turn in to three minutes if you are around them often. But in today’s age of social media, three months can turn in to eternity because people represent themselves totally different via Facebook and Twitter. I find Facebook to be the real culprit in false bravados being presented than Twitter but it could be because those I follow on Twitter I don’t have as “friends” on Facebook and vice versa.

I used to comment a lot on posts on Facebook (most comments weren’t to kind) and decided to stop because I didn’t want to be perceived as being a negative person. I limit my comments to certain posts and to a certain number of words and when I do post, its usually something I am re-sharing or re-tweeting and they are usually pictures or stories of animals being rescued or funny posts. I try to post funny things, because that is the true me – to a point. I don’t complain about things and I don’t try to come off like the world and life is grand and I’m the most positive person in the world, yet there a few on Facebook that do that all the time.

There are those that want to post positive (or sappy) comments about their life or their beliefs ALL THE TIME and it makes me wonder who are they trying to convince, me or themselves that they are these positive people and you can always take the frown and turn it upside down? Too much positive is like too much rich frosting – eventually its going to make you sick.

Then there are those who provide nothing but negative posts. I quickly unfollow them for as with all the positive, and I use the word extremely lightly, I don’t care to see negative posts all the time.

I came across and article today on LinkedIn (which is what got me motivated to write this blog I’ve had in my head for about a week now) whose title is “Stop Being So Nice & Start Being More Real” by Eric J. Romero

People are obsessed with happiness and “positive thinking”. They want to be happy all the time and often delude themselves into thinking that “its all good”, even when it’s not. They somehow believe that labeling things as positive can make them positive. However, just thinking that everything is wonderful does not make it so. That’s not being positive, it’s being delusional!

I strong believe in the above statement. No one can positive all the time just as no one can be negative all the time…well wait a minute, yeah there are those that can be negative all the time for this is their motivation for living. But I digress.

People do need to be more real – especially in the social media age. If I am constantly reading positive posts by someone I automatically think this person is so full crap and are lying to themselves…delusional!

Maya Angelou once said, “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time” or as I like to call them, red flags. But how long will it be before the Representatives decide their work is done and its time for them to leave? Who will emerge from behind the mask? Will it still be the same person or someone we end up not liking? What if the real person is much better than the Representative they sent?

I like to think people are their true selves upon meeting them but we all know that’s not the case most of the time and this when the Representatives are not representing.

“No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.” HawthorneThe Scarlet Letter




From This to This = The Zoo is Not Fun for the Animals


I went to my first Zoo about mid 2000’s and hated it. I found the animals beautiful but found the environment to which they were subjected to to be disgusting and inhumane.

One of the images that still sticks with me to this day and probably will for the rest of my life, is when we entered the area where the gorilla’s stay. I remember seeing this one gorilla sitting against a tree with his arms folded looking extremely bored and a bit sad. The other gorillas were sitting around elsewhere in the pen with the same look and disposition on their faces. I felt very sorry for them and wanted to free them.

The areas in which these animals are confined is not right. As the saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig. So, these zoo people can put grass and hay and place water in areas, but the fact remains the same; these animals are confined to small areas that resemble nothing to what they are used to ore should be living in.

Now a perfectly healthy Giraffe has been killed at a Zoo in Copenhagen: http://world.time.com/2014/02/09/marius-giraffe-copenhagen-zoo/

I will never visit another zoo as long as I live.


Bored gorillas. I feel for you!


Nothing Is Worse Than Having Something Haunt You

I’m sitting here today, Saturday 1 Feb 2014, watching the American Idol auditions on my DVR and I wish American Idol had an older age category. The age limit for the show is 27, I believe. Well I am way past 27, but I’m starting to realize that, although not young, I’m not out.

I recorded two CD’s (2001 and 2007) and that’s where it ended because my mind was not in the right place as far as making it in the music industry. I was shooting in the wrong direction and that direction was the making big bucks, touring, making big bucks and making big bucks. I have since come to realize that I don’t want to make the big bucks, I just want to get paid to make music.

I put my guitar and keyboard down about two or three years ago thinking I didn’t have a chance to make a living with my music. I picked up the guitar last year and tried a bit but got discouraged. I actually discouraged myself. It wasn’t until I was watching Mob Wives on 23 January 2014 (yeah that Mob Wives on VH1) that I realized that giving up on music and calling it quits is not something I should do. How did Mob Wives make me realize that? Glad you asked.

There’s a character on the show (and yes she’s a character) named Drita D’avanzo who has ventured into the rap world. She has rapped with Lil Kim on stage and recently, has recorded with Method Man, who is one of Drita’s top five all time favorite rappers. Drita was at home trying to write lyrics for a track to which her and Method Man would be singing on. Drita’s oldest daughter comes in the room and Drita has her listen to the track. Down the line, Drita begins talking to her daughter about following your dreams and to never give up because it will always be “in the back of your head and I wish I did that’. Then Drita said the following (talking to the camera now) that has stuck with me and plays over and over in my mind, “You can’t just give up. Nothing is worse than having something haunt you and say why didn’t you do it.”  That whole line keeps repeating in my head, but its“something haunt you and say why didn’t you do it” that really sticks out.

As mentioned, I’m watching American Idol on DVR and this particular audition has a lot of people playing the guitar and singing. Most are singing someone else’s songs and some are singing their own creations. Hearing them play and sing just brings Drita’s quote to the front of my face with Paramount lights wrapped around it.

My dream is to have my music in movies and documentaries…mainly documentaries because I am a huge documentary fan.I just have to make that happen.

Thank you Drita for that quote which reminded me of what my real purpose on this earth is.


Outback, Asthma and Shock Top

Tonight, I went to Outback (Pinole,CA) with my partner. We hadn’t been there in quite a while so we thought, why not. We were sat a booth and began looking at the menu. Suddenly I am hearing this kid in the booth behind me coughing and coughing and coughing. I began getting a little worried because I did not want to get sick. Me, being the not so subtle person, but think I am, kept looking back. Yeah, I know, I know.

The family behind us eventually leaves (err, after they finished their dinner of course) and shortly after they leave our waitress comes over to us and says that she wanted to apologize for the child coughing but the family had just found out today that the little girl has asthma. So the cough I though was the child being sick was actually her having asthma. Yeah, I felt like crap for my actions. But wait, it get worse. No, not the child’s illness, but how I would end up feeling.

The family felt really bad for their child coughing and possibly disturbing our time that they not only apologized (through the waitress) but gave the waitress cash to pay for our drinks. Yes, they offered to pay for our drinks. So to say the lest, I felt like complete shit.

I learned a lot tonight and one being, stop being so judgmental over one quick look or sound. Secondly,…hm, not sure what the second is, but I’m sure it will come to light soon.

To the family that paid for our drinks, thank you very much. Also to the family, I apologize for behaving badly. I was acting on fear (the fear of getting sick). Although I am thanking you here, I hope I get the chance to thank you in person, for not only the drinks, but more importantly for making me realize what a complete ass I can be.