The Last One Got Away

I am going to make this one short because a whole lot of explaining is not needed.

My dream was to make it as a musician. Not to be famous or rich, but to get paid to make music. Well that dream is gone – way gone and it makes me a bit bitter at times, I have to admit. I didn’t have a good support system. I was too controlled and too beaten down by basically being told I couldn’t make a living with music.

My new dream, and one I will reach is to be a paid blogger or a freelance writer. I will not let this one get away and do whatever I need to to make this dream come true.

I’m tired of accepting things the way they are. I’ve done it too long. I’m 45, to be 46 in a couple weeks. Life is moving at a comets pace and time is slipping by. I have a strong support system from my partner and my friends (Facebook, Twitter and in real life).

I know where I want to go, I just need a road map and a few people to point me in the right direction. My gratitude will not fall by the waist-side either.

I just to had to put this out to the universe and now I will await a return message.

My main area of interest is TV and/or movie reviews as well as writing blogs/articles of events I attend.


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